中秋与白露相逢 秋凉养生起好头
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Mid-Autumn Festival is the oldest festival in China. It must be with a family. This year's Mid-Autumn Festival coincides with the White Dew Festival - September 8. White dew is the first solar term in September. The temperature during the day is mild, but the night has begun to cool, the impact on the human body is very obvious. Therefore, health care before and after Bailu


中秋与白露相逢 秋凉养生起好头

Mid Autumn Festival and White Dew meet autumn cool health good start



Golden autumn dew meets each other



In general, after the "white dew" is a typical autumn climate, "cold nights in the heat" of the. At this time people must adjust their diet and living, in order to avoid physical discomfort, affecting the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion good mood. If Bailu can adapt to the change of summer and autumn in time and adjust its physical and mental state correctly, it can not only live through the Mid-Autumn Festival healthily, but also meet the second half of the colder and colder year smoothly, so as to make a good start for autumn and winter health preservation.



One: eat more mooncakes and drink grapefruit juice to remove fire.



Mid Autumn Festival reunion, moon cake is an indispensable holiday food. Xiong Miao, director of the Beijing Nutritionists Association, said that the moon cake is high in energy and relatively greasy, and it will feel thirsty to eat, so try to match some of the greasy tea drinks. For example, hawthorn water, Puer tea, green tea, black tea and so on.



People also like to eat moon cakes with fruit to eat, but high sugar fruits, such as watermelon, pears, plums, apples and so on, and moon cakes with food is sweet on top of sweet, will make the body overburdened. And some sour fruits, such as oranges, grapefruit, kiwifruit, hawthorn, etc. have the effect of promoting digestion and reducing greasy, especially grapefruit juice, if the moon cakes eat too much, drink a cup of grapefruit juice can be very good fire. Besides, we must eat less melon fruits at this time. Wang Tong, a researcher from Beijing Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, warned that after Bailu, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and the function of human spleen and stomach has not changed from the state of deficiency and cold in summer.


中秋与白露相逢 秋凉养生起好头

Mid Autumn Festival and White Dew meet autumn cool health good start



Two: Travel appropriate "autumn freeze" to protect the foot and head.



After the White Dew, the temperature gradually dropped, and the temperature difference between day and night increased gradually. Although "spring cover autumn freeze" is a classic health care tips, but "autumn freeze" is improper, it also makes people ill. Wang Tong introduced, white dew, whether the "autumn freeze" to see the temperature, if the temperature is often maintained in the morning and evening at about 10 degrees Celsius, it should be appropriate to add clothes. And do not blindly go "frozen", like some parts of the body, such as the head, feet, navel should be excluded from the autumn frost.



However, "autumn freeze" is only one of the preventive measures for health, not everyone. For example, diabetic patients with poor local blood supply, blood vessels stimulated by cold air, easy to spasm, blood flow further reduced, easy to cause tissue necrosis and diabetic foot. In addition, such as the physical weaker elderly and children, bronchial disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease patients, asthma patients and arthritis patients are not suitable for "autumn freeze".



Three: after exposure to rhinitis and cardiovascular disease.



If you keep sneezing and runny nose during the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion, is it too damaging to the festival atmosphere? There is a saying, "Autumn arrives, rhinitis is noisy". Especially after the white dew, the climate changes have a greater impact on the nose, so in order to avoid unnecessary embarrassment during the festival, Wang Tong introduces two kinds of noses to everyone. Health care methods. First of all, cold water nasal method, with a towel dipped in water to wipe the nose and face, then face immersed in cold water, in the water with nose exhalation, then head up and out of water with mouth inhalation, then into the water with nose exhalation, so repeated for more than a dozen times; the other is the method of washing the nose with salt water. A syringe is used to inject warm physiological saline into the nostrils and then the saline is discharged from the mouth. With the help of the sterilization of the saline itself and the impact of water flow, the pathogenic bacteria and dirt in the nasal cavity can be removed and the self-detoxification function can be restored.



In addition, after White Dew myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction are more likely to recur, so people must do the following in cold and warm: first, avoid from the warm room suddenly to the outside, go out to pay attention to warm; second, do not go out immediately after a full meal. Because after a full meal, more blood flow to the gastrointestinal tract, so that the heart and liver itself to reduce blood supply, coupled with the gastrointestinal tract to absorb a large number of nutrients, can increase blood viscosity and induce disease.



Review of health preservation in Mid Autumn Festival



Moistening dryness, nourishing lung and preventing cold



Summer in early autumn from the full fall, cool in the morning and evening at noon hot, the temperature difference between day and night changes, the summer gradually receded, but when the tiger in autumn, the weather is muggy and hot, this cold and hot weather, the most vulnerable to colds.



It is suggested to form the habit of soaking feet with cold water and hot water in the morning and evening every day, which is helpful to improve the body's disease resistance. Moderate walking, playing ball, doing exercises, boxing, swords, which can improve the body's ability to resist cold, to prevent the occurrence of colds.



Autumn climate is dry, can take appropriate white fungus, sesame, honey, ice sugar, pear and other food, in order to nourish Yin moist dry. Elderly, weak spleen and stomach, should eat warm soft soft food.



Recommend a small preventable and treatable recipe for the elderly: a handful of glutinous rice boiled soup, seven scallion roots and seven slices of ginger, boiled on half bottle of vinegar, a little daily drinking can prevent colds.



Gastroenteric diseases such as diarrhea, constipation, etc.